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Mary Cris Executive Homes
House and Lot For Sale Cavite Philippines

Austria House Model

3-BR, 1 T&B

Regular Unit:
Lot Area: 72.00sqm
Total Improved Area: 66sqm
Price: P1,185,000.00

Corner Unit:
Lot Area: 95.50 - 131.50sqm
Total Improved Area: 66sqm
Price: P1,628,000.00 - P2,025,000.00

End Unit:
Lot Area: 93.40sqm - 134.20
Total Improved Area: 66sqm
Price: P1,510.000.00 - P1,940,000.00

Belgium House Model

3-BR, 1 T&B

Regular Unit:
Lot Area: 80.00sqm
Total Improved Area: 72.50sqm
Price: P1,340,000.00

Corner Unit:
Lot Area: 116.00sqm
Total Improved Area:86.90sqm
Price: P1,930,000.00

End Unit:
Lot Area: 100sqm - 111.00sqm
Total Improved Area:74sqm
Price: P1,685,000,00 - P1,770.000.00

Denmark House Model

3-BR, 2 T&B

Regular Unit:
Lot Area: 50sqm
Total Improved Area: 85.75sqm
Price: P1,495,000.00

Corner Unit:
Lot Area: 61.00sqm
Total Improved Area: 85.75sqm
Price: P1,800,000.00
France House Model

3-BR, 2 T&B

Corner Unit:
Lot Area: 98 - 140.00sqm
Total Improved Area: 108.50 - 102.25sqm
Price: P2, 245,000.00 - P2,700,000.00sqm

Regular Unit:
Lot Area: 72 - 84sqm
Total Improved Area: 102.30 - 109.60sqm
Price: P1,740,000.00 - P1,915,000.00

End Unit:
Lot Area: 91.50 - 171sqm
Total Improved Area : 103.50 - 103.50sqm
Price: P2,140,000.00 P2,905,000.00
The Finishes

- Vinyl flooring for bedrooms
- Painted interior and exterior walls
- Elegant ceramic tiles for bathrooms
- Living, dining and kitchen with floor tiles
- Kitchen with prefabricated kitchen counter & laminated cabinets

The designs and lay-out of all the Four house models at the Mary Cris Executive Homes are well-planned.
Construction materials being used are of highest standards to ensure that our clients enjoy the best value for their money and will be proud of their new home.
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